CoachRail for Limos

When you own charter buses and limos, you need a software that works for both. CoachRail does.

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An All-in-One System

Many hybrid companies rely on two separate software systems, one for limos and one for motorcoaches. With CoachRail, you can use a single system for all parts of your business. Just specify whether you’re adding a limo or a bus when you upload your vehicle information to CoachRail. Then add your drivers and note which types of vehicles they’re allowed to operate. All of your assets, all in one place.

Flexible Rates

Our built-in quoting system lets you add by hour, by day or by mile rates for different seasons, days, and vehicles. When you build a quote for a limo trip, CoachRail will automatically pull in the rates you’ve loaded. You pick which rate is most accurate for the trip, and we’ll create a customized quote and send it to the customer.

Keep Your Reservations in One Place

Ever double-booked a driver or missed a pick-up time because you were using more than one software system to track your reservations? CoachRail can store reservations for your limos and your buses. No more switching between programs to see which vehicles you have available or how many trips you have coming up.

Quick and Easy Dispatch

Relying on separate dispatch calendars for buses and limos isn’t just stressful–it can also lead to mistakes, which result in chargebacks. In CoachRail, you can click on a reservation to see what type of vehicle they need. Assign a vehicle and a driver from your pre-loaded list, and watch the trip automatically show up on CoachRail’s single, all-inclusive dispatch calendar.

Track Your Limos

Tracking is always important, but it’s especially important when you’re sending an executive sedan to pick up a CEO or a stretch limo to transport a pair of newlyweds. Ask your limo drivers to track their trips using the GPS built into the CoachRail app, and you’ll always know where they are when they’re on the road.

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